Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saturday Outing

Last Saturday me and my friends when down to KL to attend the Eco Bazaar at CAPSquare. The whole event is all about saving our world by saving out beautiful mother nature. But before we headed there we had our little adventure around KL city.

We headed to KLCC for the Petrosains event, but the event was too crowded. So we walk around KLCC and bump into this interesting "mannequins". There were people who walk pass who were actually very shock that they were moving because they didn't know the fact that they were real humans.
BMW M3 0__o

After KLCC, we headed back to Capsquare by LRT and halfway walking to Capsquare from the LRT we bump into this place.
We find that the place looks cool so we started. . . . . .

Playing around with the camera =P

And finally we reach Capsquare ^^ It was a pretty sunny day till it poured in the evening.

I have to say, all the artworks displayed every corner of Capsquare was so amazing. . . And i am glad i attended it because this is one of the largest art event i have ever been to.

Ended up at the Greenroom event at night. It was pretty good when the live band was there, but after the live band played, the crowd became smaller and smaller.

It was an extremely tiring day, but in the end it's all worth while. =P


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