Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wine making

I did a 3 month assignment on homemade wine making ,
and would like to share this "recipe" with u guys out there ;)

Ingredients :
1.5kg Grapes
an Yeast (sour)
an Sweetener
1 litre R.O Water

Equipment :
2 Strainer (muslin cloth)

Method :
1. Crush the grapes and transfer to a bowl.
2. Transfer grape juice with strainer to bottle.
3. Add R.O water , sweetener and yeast until bottle almost full.
4. Wrap the top with balloon and leave it in the chiller for 3 months.

Tips :
- Grapes( different grapes gives different characteristics. for example black grapes for red wine and white grapes for white wine, or you could get wine grapes, grape concentrated or even apple juice and any other fruit juices )
- Crushing/ Pressing the grapes ( one of the most important of all, different pressing methods and techniques brings different characteristics because different component of the grapes gives different functions )
- Yeast( there are many yeast outside and probably the best choice is sour yeast/wine yeast , but u could try any other yeast )
- Bowl ( apparently different types of bowl gives different characteristics too )
- Sweetener ( rock sugar, cane sugar, honey, molasses and anything that basically contain sugar)
- Colour ( u can try leaving the grape skin in the bottle during fermentation so that the colour would be dark red but do remember grape skin gives tannin too )
- Storage ( make sure its kept in a dark , cool temperature, least vibration and good airing place. Chiller, the best recommendation )
- Fermentation period ( 3 months at least)
- Others ( u can try leaving wood in the fermentation process for oak taste, a cheaper alternative )

i did mine and ferment it for 3 months with the balloon like this

and after 3 months,
tadaaa :)

good luck to whoever that is going to try this ! :D


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rempit Attack

I got this video from a friend Jacqueline Leaw and it is a shocking video. . . . 0__o Hope everyone out there who sees this will be extra aware of their surroundings and be more careful.

And by the way , the comments about the video is flooding like crazy too. . . . =___="


Monday, March 9, 2009

Chivas Event

First and foremost i forgot to bring my camera , forget to bring my camera and yes, i forgot to bring my camera. . . . grrrrr . . . . . =(( Anyway , all i have to say is a beautifully setup event. Everything was place nicely at the right spot, and the deco was awesome. Never before i seen MOS/Euphoria Sunway look as good as it was that night. There were plasma's everywhere and the DJ booth was at the 1st floor. The Dj's were great and entirely is a great event.

The runaway horse

Prison break?
Family Portrait~

Pics thanks to Eva , my camera phone and lastly not forgetting the camera man at the event for the black and white pics ^^ , =___="


Saturday, March 7, 2009


hello mate!
hello guys! bet u all though i was dead or somethin. if u guys couldnt remember pupu. one of the pt member. been away and inactive for quite some time as im kinda having lots of stuff goin on and also kinda lost my mojo in bloggin :O. but for now. im currently in ausie !
im here to further my studies in master of architecture and place comes new perspectives and thus comes new stuffs to blog! XD. and so,
im in geelong, a town 1hour away from melbourne city. Been here for like 2 weeks+ already and finally settling down and thats why im able to blog :p . so basically, im staying at this add. 4 vincent avenue geelong 3220 victoria australia, if u guys want to post me some food or stuffs;) . so these are some sneak peak of the place im staying and the things happenin around here..more to come so do stay tune on this blog~*

new life, new people, new place, new experience .

this is vincent avenue street~ reminds me of one tree hill or those setting for serial killer movie:p

house no.4.! haha realie suits serial killer movies...

yeah! this house got mini least bench press also jadi la..ahaha!:)

the all cute well equiped kitchen!. cooking goin be my next hobby here i guess...:P

how comfy! the living room ;)

the room comes with wide screen tv and good surround sound system!.only somthing missing..ps3.! haha..

me lookin out to the backyard^.

quite a nice place to cill with my pt members while shisha-ing or for a bbq~!

finally, all my weapons arrived safely by DHL service. i can say im impressed they realiy takecare of the stuffs they delivering.! but it aint cheap ..ahha..

yeah! my cooler master high tower casing ..pc !.;)

well, just few days after i arrived here. i went for this cultural event at the nearby street. this event is call pako festival . well, this is just a bit of history on the background of this event..

Since 1983, Pako Festa has provided an opportunity for people from all cultural backgrounds to come together and celebrate the beauty and enriching capacity of multiculturalism. Staged as a free event, it currently attracts the participation of around 30 cultural community groups, up to 60 community groups and a total attendance in excess of 100,000 people.

The event presents back-to-back performances over 5 world stages, a dedicated Freeza Youth Stage, a smorgasbord of cultural food, workshops, art and craft exhibitions, a host of roving street performers, and a range of free activities for children. The signature highlight of the day is the Pako Parade comprising a colourful stream of cultural and community floats, groups, entertainers and brass bands that flows through the 1 kilometer festival precinct.

man the street is small but there are so many people!

everyone seem to be enjoying even the kids!

one of the cool performer.actually got more but im kinda late n all so yeah sorry guys!

hell alot of variety of food here from dutch cuisine to spanish and to indonesia!

- im a true fan -

just like the colorful environment of this event.

pirates of the geeelong.

watch where are u cycling boy..haha.

they even have small stalls selling interesting stuffs.

gerai ini menjual udang goreng.sedap..

mexicano in the house.

guess they have 2much of crossing ahead already..

thats not me. thats pupu.

Next, these are some shots taken in melboune city. Not that much as my cam battery was running out..perhaps next time then. ill make a post on melb city soon ~ XD

some of the cool graffiti in the street of melbourne* this is not poster its painted on the wall.

kinda drop by at the ikea ..

i find this kinda cool yet violent. seem to give the impression of throwin babies away..

the colorful back lane of melbourne city.

not for sale.

converse..ahhaha...the leg models.. jureen n her bro..:P

Well, these few pictures are on the waterfront nearby geelong town. It is really a beautiful and happening place full of activities. U can always see people joggin, fishing, dating, or even just having a picnic around these areas.

this town will always have somthin to do with pirates..:P this dude according to the myths was turned into stone for cheating on his wife.XD

feel like flying back exit-ing australia..ahhaa!

some of the emo spot i found. really nice to emo at these places especially this area. kinda remind me of this emo boy name kelim ..ahha!

the emo-ness of this town seems to affect me...:S

so kinda looking forward for the weeks and months to come and also for all of this to end. Cant wait to come back malaysia:P!
kinda missing all the PT's back in mysia oh n also in UK :P
butter prawn rice n grape banana mint shisha flavour
my close buddies back there also!
my beloved family.
and dearest Azy=)
really missing u alot here !

te amo~*

til then for now.. more to come ;)