Tuesday, February 26, 2008

STREEThing All In The Family Party

I have to say this party is massive. . . Superbly colorful and filled with lots of stuff. . .=P Firstly of course we have our 1 and only DJ Pupu as always XD

DJ Pupu XD

Breaking trough the night . . This guys were really good ^^

Everyone watching =P

The whole crew members has thier own abilities. . .
Breakdancing is just so beautiful =P
They had a graffitti demonstration which we miss. . . .
The other artworks. . .

Whole lots of custom made sneakers and artworks. . .
Half the place was just filled with artworks. . . .
Lots and lots of them. . . from artist from all around Malaysia. . .
All the bearbicks displayed in the shopping malls around Malaysia ended up there that night. . .
Damn wish i stayed back longer. . . . heard they give them away for free TT
They had a fashion show. . . sorry not much pics. . . i wus so into my fisheye i forgot about my digital -___-""
Perforamances from lots of local artist. . Vandal , Ulitimate , and Point Blanc. . . Have to say Vandal is really good ^^
Dave White. . The star artist for the night. . . Check out his sneakers. . . heard is Rm1000 ++
And it all happen at Zouk KL. . . .

Can't wait for the next party from STREEThing. . . got to go peeps. . . ciao. . .


Monday, February 25, 2008


My friend forwarded this into my email . . . And the title is "Beware , you don't want this to happen to your children". I guess this kids are influence by EDC. . XD


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mix Feelings

"When you are extremely stress and all tied up with work you will sometimes do crazy things"

I guess i got to agree with him XD

Happy because i have "kao tim" some major areas of my project. . .
Worried because dateline is this week. . .
"Fan" because got so much work todo. . .
Insecure because i dunno i can make it annot. . .
"""-____- wondering why i am still blogging at moments like this. . . .


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Light [Graffiti / Painting]

if you understand the concept of light painting / graffiti , this pictures and videos you are about to see is crazy , out of the world , unbelievable good shit :)
few really good artist which made it BIG..

LichtFaktor from UK

Star Wars vs. Star Trek


wan to learn how to write capital letters ? , do it the urban way

some of this art from rezine is selling at 750Euros which is about RM3575.. o.O

PIKA PIKA from Japan

2 great videos from pika-pika , which is famous for their stop motion animation on light graffiti , click here for more videos

this artist used up 14 hours to do this video..

spider walk

Documentary/Tutorial by Brian

The Willowz - Jubilee

even music video uses stop motion animation with light graffiti :D

credits given to every artist involve , you guys made this a pure art ;)

-addmore out