Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Basically, an achievement system that actually offers shit you actually want to earn. Like graphics cards, headsets and even alienware pc's. It connects with yout STEAM ID and monitors your achievements and the games you play on it ..

...and it's free...

...and there's no catch...

...and you don't need to install anything... do it! Giggle

the more u play the more tokens you get.. the more tokens you get the more tickets you buy! the more tickets you buy the higher your chances to win.. the higher your chances to win.. the higher your chances are to take home that Alienware PC!

¬crash out¬ love y'all :D

p.s the scout update comes out on the 28/01/09!!
THATS TODAY MUTHA FUCKERS!!!! *$&Y!Y)$&)!£&)&^(!£%)(!£%£)*()£!$)£&()!£*()£!%()!£*&^!(£%)£$(!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

With Death comes Life!!

Many of you were aware that on New Years Day, it was raining so heavily that my roof started leaking.. coincidentally, my whole rig was underneath that f**king leak!! by the time i got back my whole MacBook Pro was submerged in water.. whole table was totally wet..

Didn't take any pics of that.. was too devasted to do anything... but yeah.. so i picked it up.. turned it sideways.. and to my dismay.. i've never seen so much water come out of a laptop before!!!
Techs at the macshop said that it'll be best to cut my losses than to try to revive her again..

so after much mourning.. me and luke decided to look for parts the moment i got back to UK.
and here she is!! :D

Me Micro ATX gigabyte motherboard =)
being installed by Mr.Luke Ha

Took awhile to get the fan installed on the CPU core.. but after that was done.. Comes the Power On Self Test!! aka. POST :D
everything A-OKAAAAY!!! =)

got my Lycosa too =) cheap cheap tau!!

fancy innit?

Heres another component... the Asus Radeon HD4870 DDR5 512MB graphics card..
as modeled by eeyore xD

the casing.. Alienware style ^ ^.. i gotta find the illumunations for it..

and here's the whole unit after much time building it

crash out! ~

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fish Lost in 2008

This below are the missing pieces of year 2008~! Man, it was an awesome year~! XD Hope this year will be as good or even better~! =P


Saturday, January 10, 2009

E-Club Christmas Lan Tournament

[pT*] Shannon !
funny how this player got his nickname

[pT*] - day 2 lineup
[pT*] Kelims - DEMOMAN


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Cyberians Trip

Dear Mutt and Ace,

First and foremost, I am really glad u guys didn't miss the bus back to Singapore. Secondly, i am extremely happy that you guys came over to Malaysia and partied with us. That night was a blast and it definitely will be a memorable night for all of us. Since our next outing won't be possible at this short period of time, i guess we shall just pray that we bump into each others in TF2 for some frag feast. XD This post here will just be a little souvenier from us to you guys~! Hope it brings back some great moments while you guys were here in Malaysia.

Demoman / Kelimms accomplish his job by getting other team members drunk Xp
Hope you guys had lots of fun over here~! Can't wait to party in Singapore with you guys someday~! XD