Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Snoop Cat Wannabe
happy deepavali everyone :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Before the Fish head to Melaka

I am going to be all tied up this month. So i am going to update whatever i can to update at the moment. Before "Tambah Angin" took pictures with the fisheye, this is where the cam have been going to.

Life is sophisticated. Picture taken by PuPu

Alcohol through your veins. . . .

My "Sifu" and me

Me and Daft

Me and Kenny

Me , Cheryl and Daft

Countdown to independance . . . . .
For food i look for
The architect party gooeerrssss~~!!
Jessica , me and Carol
Spin the night off
The night before hols. . . Picture by PuPu.

I can blow your mind off. . . . Lady Victoria at Hedkandi. . . .

Party under the sea. . . . . Hedkandi @ MOS Euphoria whoever who wasn't there, you just miss out on a great event. XD

I can't wait my next post and i hope is gonna come soon ;P can't wait for the next big break. . . . . . Till then ciao~! =P


TF2 Lan Party

All this madness all happen exactly 1 week back from this day the post is written. I am so sorry for the slow update. Been busy with Raya outings at Pu's, assignments and a whole lot of time pumping iron.Anyway, this party all when down at Asia Cafe cyber cafe section of course. Through out the entire day, we were screaming , laughing , posing and were having a whole load of fun. ^^ For those who miss it. . . . . . . . . you miss one of the greatest [pT*] party ever. XDDD

Kennyville , Kelims and Johanan
Kennyville the spy =D
Everybody busy killing =P
Team KHz on the move. . . .
The one who make the calls. . . . . .
The empty ceiling. . . . . or is it?
[pT*] Clare who doesn't need to use the keyboard. . . . . XD
Kelims "Chong screen" lolx~!!
A glimpse of the friendly scrim we had that day. . . .
Team KHz having loads of fun. =D

Team [pT*]
The "special" one. . . COUGH COUGH~!! XD [pT*] Shannon

After the crazy mass killing, we all head down to have our dinner to fill up our empty stomachs.

Kelims the unstopable demoman

Pupu the all rounded player =P

Blackstar out Medic and camera man of the day. Thanks allot for the pictures =)))

The guy from [pad] clan who came over to join us.

A huge thanks to all the people who made effort to make this event happen and to all the people who participate in this event. Hope we can have this crazy Lan party sometime soon. =D For more insides of this party, check it out in [pT*]Cloud Garnett's blog. My tuition pal back in those days. ^^ Small world indeed Jason. =P


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Melacca Trip

hey "babe" :D
mr poser

trying to act like a real fatty cat
and another poser =.=
with her tongue
and her umbrella
and the fan =.=
a walk to remember

kimmy and vincent
everyone loves kimmy
kimmy , KELIMS , philip , vincent
kimmy , vincent , me , philip , jolene , chun keat ; credit to KELIMS
chun keat , jolene , KELIMS , kimmy , lee min , vincent , philip

the couple
and the wannabe couple
my first half roll for mata ikan
my first very picture on Fisheye :)
durian cendol group picture ; jolene , chun keat , vincent , philip , lee min , kimmy , KELIMS
lee min and kimmy
lee min, kimmy, KELIMS
kelims and kimmy
philip, lee min , vincent
2 pics which i tried to do mx which failed miserably

thanks kenny for the half roll of fisheye , was fun xD

summer love

Roads Not Taken - Lee Min :P