Friday, August 31, 2007


This is one of my assignments i did 2 semesters back =P hope you guys enjoy it :P


name me one shop owner who would name his restaurant like this !

Ng Tew Lee Restaurant is pronounce as "MM TIU LEI" in Cantonese and mean Don't Fuck You(direct translation) in English !

i'm sure this dude is having a booming ;)


Tifa taken into Life

Just the other day i met this girl who found me through friendster saying that she's a "cosplayer". Now we hardly get these kind of professions here in Malaysia but the peculiar thing about this girl was that she said she's from Japan when her profile said she was from Malaysia (Johor Bahru). ahaha! kantoi! so anyways, for as long as i know, cosplayers are just really butt ugly girls that pretend they're them anime chics u see on manga or tv. So i decided to put the hypothesys to the test and boy was i wrong. feast your eyes on this..

makes you wanna go.. *DAMN!!* haha looks a lil photoshopped? hah then u should see these

its the eyes man.. its her eyes!

just makes you feel like whipping it out and playing with it don't it? Just to satisfy your needs.

Im talking about whipping out the PLAYSTATION by the way ^^

you should probably start wondering.. hmmmm who is this girl? who!! WHO!!??

i was wondering the same thing, so i decided to do some research as to who she is, and as far as i knew at the time, everyone just called her "cosplayer Tifa" -_-"
but look who i found instead!


there were others as well with her and her cosplayers

haha wouldn't you just SOOO wanna get your ass kicked by her

or maybe by one of her lame friends..

haha looks like she beat her up and saying "gumei!" (sorry) for it

well, it turns out that after 2 hours of searching for her name thru forums and what not, her name is Yuu, a taiwanese cosplayer/model. she had an account in myspace when i found her earlier but apparently due to the constant pressure from diehard final fantasy fans she must've just decided to shut down her account. oh well..
we wish her well and lets just hope we find more genuine real-life cosplay characters yeah?


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Honda Civic Type R Cruising to Genting

Alright you're probably wondering what this is. The video pretty much explains for itself.


i wished my SPM study books are like this.. =]


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Project - Light Graffiti

wzap wzap wzap people~*! well, sumwhere last week , we ( pupu aka hasrin, leon aka crash and kenneth aka ken ) went for a cool mission called light graffiti.! kinda sad as one of our group member, addmore aka edwin wasnt able 2join us.
well, this project tooks us the whole night til 7am in the morning. we were jumpin around with torchlights in leon's livin room in order to create light graffiti. THis project is not as easy as u all think it is so hope u all can appreciate our project n give some comments! so, enjoY! light painting by one of my colege fren- johanan picasso
my fren steven creating his bola jiwa
star-wars episode 8 - return of pupu's and crash
kenneth chan with his tripple light-umbrella-saber
leon posing with his balls fire n tongkat of light
pupu with his bola jiwa.gila kuasa face
ken in his super-saya-light mode
a dragon we found hiding in leon's crib
guess wat other animals we found there, a horse-rex? suppose 2look like a T-rex
featuring ....LEon Chan
featuring ....pupu
featuring .....ken
attack of the skeleton king.check out their reaction!
attack of the whale..mmm whale monster? we vomited blood :Bluek
holding down the force
battle - act 1.
battle act-2
a cute monster...
our own local sephiroth.
lots of dickheads? smiley ones :)
boogies man comes under the bed..wat comes under the stairs?
another attack by sumtin tat comes out from the light
ken trying to unlocked the davincci code
at times, nightmares can b deadly
its a plane..NOTTT..its a bird...NOTTTT...its a lampu man? yEaaa
my fav. the abstract beauty of light graffiti
a cute bunny...sexay bunnie..light bunnie!

by: pupu *

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Still Tuned?

yeah right probably not

as you can see our artist Ken here is trying to work out the kinks to our design.
its supposed to be a huge ass one! but came out to be like this!? *swt*

but to keep everyone updated, the light grafitti project didnt turn out as bad as we assumed it would be, Hasrin will probably put those up soon but in the meantime, they're all probably locked in Flickr (i hope i got that right) .. so yeah..

we've got another project underway already but it still hasn't come out from the drawing board but its sure to be more kick ass and bigger than our last ones haha! i'm serious!!
hopefully it'll be done before i leave.. >.<

we'll get better posts once the design is up and ready.. for the moment it kinda feels like we're in a renovated apartment waiting to rest comfortably on our laurels with a sweet ass design for the Project. But till then we'll probably have our asses on a bed of nails or something and man does it feel weird..

it'll be up pretty soon so don't worry.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Concepts and emissions begins!

Commencing transmission..





~~site still under construction~~

stay tuned.