Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wine making

I did a 3 month assignment on homemade wine making ,
and would like to share this "recipe" with u guys out there ;)

Ingredients :
1.5kg Grapes
an Yeast (sour)
an Sweetener
1 litre R.O Water

Equipment :
2 Strainer (muslin cloth)

Method :
1. Crush the grapes and transfer to a bowl.
2. Transfer grape juice with strainer to bottle.
3. Add R.O water , sweetener and yeast until bottle almost full.
4. Wrap the top with balloon and leave it in the chiller for 3 months.

Tips :
- Grapes( different grapes gives different characteristics. for example black grapes for red wine and white grapes for white wine, or you could get wine grapes, grape concentrated or even apple juice and any other fruit juices )
- Crushing/ Pressing the grapes ( one of the most important of all, different pressing methods and techniques brings different characteristics because different component of the grapes gives different functions )
- Yeast( there are many yeast outside and probably the best choice is sour yeast/wine yeast , but u could try any other yeast )
- Bowl ( apparently different types of bowl gives different characteristics too )
- Sweetener ( rock sugar, cane sugar, honey, molasses and anything that basically contain sugar)
- Colour ( u can try leaving the grape skin in the bottle during fermentation so that the colour would be dark red but do remember grape skin gives tannin too )
- Storage ( make sure its kept in a dark , cool temperature, least vibration and good airing place. Chiller, the best recommendation )
- Fermentation period ( 3 months at least)
- Others ( u can try leaving wood in the fermentation process for oak taste, a cheaper alternative )

i did mine and ferment it for 3 months with the balloon like this

and after 3 months,
tadaaa :)

good luck to whoever that is going to try this ! :D


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