Monday, July 28, 2008

Relive The Moments for all the 21'SsSsSt

This post here goes out to all the birthday girls for this month. All their precious , memorable , sexy , and hot 21st Birthday moments~!!!!! Anyway , I just got a new cam this month thanks to my daddy~!! Its some replica of some old school cam back in 1980's. I have no idea whether the camera works or not so i had to give it a try =P And since theres soooo much parrrtteeee up this month is a perfect time to do test shots with my new weapon. . . . =))))

The camera comes with a bag~!!! And it looks vintage 2 ^^
And since the Flash is super huge , i had todo something with it XD

I added color papers i bought from that art shop near Mayang ^^ I was so engross into "pimping" the flash i actually ended up late at Janelle's party =___="

The 1st person that got captured by the camera and survived ^^ ( Because those test shots on Pu all got burn ) sorrie Pu~ XD
Above is Janelle with the "birthday girl pose". . .

The 2nd birthday girl above is so happy she's finnaly an adult she actually "CRIED" the whole night. . . . I am really happy for u 2 Mei~~ coughs XD
Flaming Baby~!! ***1***
***4*** And then she continue "CRYING" XD
After berremooinngg~~ she finnaly got herself together to enter the camera =P
The girl on the left which is Sherve , the chiq who always somehow ends up in my camera. . . . No idea why. . . XD the other girl is Ming Shen my highschool friend ^^

2nd birthday girl posing in the 3rd Birthday girls party. . . .
Now for the "FUNKIEST" party of the month , ***Jocks Vs Nerds ~!!!*** COOOSSSTTUUMMEEE PAAAARRTTEEEE~!!!
Whhoooppsss this wus taken in Darren's house warming party. . . . Terupload XD

Jo with the evil smile~~ ^^
Now Julia doing the "birthday girl pose/clap" XD

See what i mean ^^

Julia and her "tak layan face" EEEEEeeeeEEeeEeeE~~~~ XDDD

The 2 Besties~!

Finally this post has come to an end. . . . I want to thank all those birthday girls above for the invites ~!!! I had a Ggrreeaaattt time at every party~!! Besides that , if u think your faces look abbit redish (drunk) or yellowish (sick) don't worry cose i modified the flash to make the pictures end up like that ^^ Can't wait for more CRAZZEEE cool parties~!! Ciao peepssssss~!! Kennyville out~!!


Krabi Mission - Fisheye2 edition!

well..finally!.. the fish edition of krabi mission!..
shots taken using fisheye 2..films are expired kodak 400..
enjoy!... and do leave some comments :)