Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One of the latest craze in the streetwear industry now. . .

The 1st time i entered The Gardens MV last year, i have notice some really catchy and interesting printed shirts in Sole What. I never ever thought it will be highly sorted out and is like a collectible now. This whole series Kikstyo x Aki is like one of the latest craze at the moment for sneaker , fashion , and especially streetwear freaks.

People~!! be aware~!!

Toy figures. . .

Aki Hoshino

A sample design of the print shirt. . .

The collection. . . .

The accesories

Posing with the various designs. . .

The shop somewhere in Japan. . . .

Magazines all around Asia. . .
Some old designs. . .

Some of the updated desings in stores now. . . . DVD 0___o
The Photobook. . . .
Check out the Interview by Hypebeast base on this series. . . .

Sneak peak into the DVD. . Wonder what viewers expect from the DVD -___-"

Some simple advertistment for Kikstyo

And yes, theres actually an exhibition for her. . . .

To all whom are interested in the shirts, is available in Streetwear stores near you. The cheapest it can go is Rm200 (on sale) to even more then that especially for those limited edition shirts. I never thought hot models can be associated with man shoes. . . -___-"" But this fashion attempt here has really made it big. . . I wonder whats the next big thing in the near future. . . Anyways , thats all for now.

Kennyville out. . .

Monday, April 28, 2008

new Nike Video

Their newest advert, “Take it to the Next Level,” is scheduled for its UK TV debut on Tuesday before the Man United versus Barcelona match. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the video is shot in a first person perspective as you see your football career unfold before your eyes.

You begin as a youth player, are then picked by Arsene Wenger, get creamed by Cristiano Ronaldo and end up playing for Holland. But in between all of the action, you get to feel what it’s like to score some spectacular goals. It’s easily one of the most creative football videos I’ve ever seen.

crash out~~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Digital Fish eye 2

For those who has fisheye 2 XD Sick and tired of undesirable pictures?? Fear no more =P after my Genting trip 29489673798787 years ago. I have learn that the Fish eye 2 viewfinder can be use in front of your digital camera lens to produce the similar results or even better XD Well i know this has broke all the rules in Lomography but it's really fun 2 =P I forgot who is the 1 who figure out about this XD I think is Weng Nam if i am not mistaken =P Or if is not , is most prolly 1 of them underneath ^^

Yan Jiun

Weng Nam

Weng Nam again =P

Xiang Yee



Kennyville and Frankie

Kennyville and Kenny


Su Loong my "Sifu"

Xiang Yee


My latest attempt using the technique =P Ah Low , Iker and Yan Jiun

Ah Low Iker And Yan Jiun again =P

and again ^^
and again XD
Really love this pic XD i played around with my camera and end up getting this pic 0____O

For those addicted to your Fish eye, this video clip down here has Fish eye looking scenes XD extremely cool =P Thats all for now =) ciao ^^


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

G-modding madness!

Okay, after i did the "yumcha" pic me and PuPu decided to incorporate everyone as possible into my TF2 montage. So might as well i let you know who we've selected for our very own
[pT*] comics™ so here goes: -


Scout - Pony
Soldier - add_wind
Pyro - Luke
engie - don't have one at the moment, but i was thinking i'd give it to Kelims xD
Demo - sirius_dc
Heavy - PuPu
Medic - Makanator
Sniper - Kennyville
Spy - Crash

so with that being said, i sorta already know what to do with the story and what nots, (after talking to PuPu) but for now i might as well just show you what the comic's capable of =) Bear in mind that i still do not have photoshop yet so i just have to make do with what i have at the moment. . Here's a few single shots of the characters =)

Pony the Scout, ever so happy to see us =)

Here's luke, ready to pose for the cam behind this.. errr.. equation of his.. lol..
Luke likes the cow xD
hahhaha!! sirius kantoi pangsai!! hahaha!! dirty bugger haha! kidding oni.. we still love you! lol..

sigh.. PuPu's love for all things small and cuddly's got him into trouble again, here we see PuPu "rescuing" a baloon poodle from some monsters..


Alright before you guys start saying about how sick i am, i can't really take all the credit for it.. lol.. this was my housemate's Rob's idea, i was merely the artist realising his dreams.. lol..

hehe okay for this one the red team decided to drop by and caught blues doing something.. something.. very naughty .. lol.. but what could it be? i'm sure all of you know already whats coming lol..

Omg what are they doing?! Add_wind??

must be another one of kennyville's wet dreams i'm guessing.. hahha!!
i don't think PuPu's enjoying this.. lol.. poor PuPu..

heheh.. it can only get better.. here's a daring attempt at what everyone thought was a suicide mission, to capture the intel of red?! pfffft... its a done deal for [pT*] here's mission impossible!
but unfortunately there had to be casualties...
is it a bird is it a plane.. its.. LUKE?
lol.. the escape, Dukes of Hazard style.. lol.. but where's the Intel?!
haha .. with sirius!! looks like their having more fun than anything else! THATS RIGHT! we laugh at the face of danger! MUAHAHAHHA!!
want to know what happens to the crew? will they make it out alive? ...
will the reds manage to reclaim their intel? ....
will Luke ever learn to fly?...
will PuPu ever recover from that horrible experience?

tune in next week for more [pT*] madness! lol..

chopper's view of the chase..

heh, i save the best for last, in my last post you saw only the four original founders of [pT*] , that was the "yumcha" one, but through the sheer love of the game and friendship we built ties amogst those that stand for truth! justice! and basically those who really have the urge to "own noobs" lol..

here we see the gang watching their highlights of their last game.. .
tried to get everyone's facial expressions for these few shots..
ahhh here's a good one lol.. makanator, kenny_ville and PuPu don't look too happy.. lol..
Luke's on the floor for those of you that don't know where he is.. tried to get everyone in the shot..
haha, good to see everyone laughing at that.. lol.. thanks Ed for the editing =)
that "highlight" was from a previous post of mine found here

i'll try to incorporate more "out of TF2" characters the next time, i don't know.. we'll see.. ^ ^
i hope you guys enjoyed it more than i did putting these shots together..

and now, a feature of Ed's video editings, who knows, after my finals we'll be coming up with more originals.. but for now, here's Ed's =) for those of you who play Mario, Crysis, and FFVII, you guys should be able to pick out the where those games were incorporated in...AND NOW! i present to you,
Badminton Pro 2008!!

take care guys..
crash out~~