Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Marbleless Bird

This is a group project I've done last semester~. Took about 4 months to complete this particular assignment. I did the texturing for the environment , compositing , editing , animation , rendering , ligting and also the sounds.Feel free to comment. =DD

Hope you guys enjoy the short film.

Kennyville out~

Monday, June 29, 2009

even gundam has Trannies!!

whyy! who in their right mind would do this to Strike?!?!??!
presenting.. Gundam.. Warrior Princess.. -_-"

the pink design.. the white laces.. the red bling bling .. the flowers.. THE HEARTS ALL OVER THE PLACE WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

~crash out..

Urbanscapes 2009

Urbanscapes 2009 is back once again at the same place which is in KL pac on 27th June 2009 last Saturday.I was working throughout half the event at the ticketing booth. I manage to go around to get some shots. Hope you guys enjoy the pics~. ^^
The infamous photo shooting area~

The hectic and extremely hot market place X__X

One of the unique stores at that area
The inner paths of the event

A few pieces of artwork

The picture area
The inner bazaar
Artsy pieces. . .
Information counter?
An interested customer

The shadow within
The one in pink. . .
Zouk DJ Booth~

Stop attacking me~ =0
The missing kids. . .
The camera shy sales person~ =X
The Delicious bag

Runaway cow~

Kennyville or Kennysia?

The end of the picture telling story. . . . .


Thursday, June 25, 2009

FishEYE2 - revenge of the Lomo

These are some of the fisheye shots taken starting with my mini birthday celebration with few close buddies and the visit to the botanical garden and also sovereign hill * more to come ! revenge is coming* ;)

the birthday boy - pupu - 22nd bthday!

jureen and pupu

jureen and jeffrey..

3of us*

mozes and bryan ! feel the heat*

aha funny expression from jureeen*sneeeezin

all of us together. thanks guys!

botanical garden cam whoring session*

beautiful view from the top facing down the waterfront.

the dessert *

the rainforest*

the field? :P

spikey aint safe

this shot is just one of the random shot taken in the city outside the botanical garden:P

Sovereign Hill. A mining town in Balarat Melbourne *

my fav shot * dont feed the sheeep.

trying my best to translate this chinese words..help any1?

my time is ticking !

the scale and proportion of building and human :P

an old piano in an old church..

our tour guide giving us some advise before going down into the gold mine.

the ride of our life* no*

like this --> o.0

deep down inside.

u find this .. push the cart~*

the next mining break*

yeah. dangerous is fun. no access is not..

well..looking forward for more shots soon! stay tune!