Friday, November 30, 2007

my December~

more parties..
more shisha..
more foosball..
more magic..
more poker..
more alcohol..
more movies..
more series..
more blogging..
more games..
more fun~~!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

sigh.. good times..


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One of the reasons why i love my Mac!

haha i guess this probably sums up parts of why the Mac is so superior and is the number one choice for most users.. hahaha

here's what Dave Chappelle has to say about his Mac..

sweet.. :D :D

but while we're on the subject, here's a lil education for you guys about whacking it off..

oh damn.. while we're on the subject, i might as well just educate you new couples, primarily just to the girlfriends about WHAT NOT TO DO when giving him a good time for those intimate sessions.. haha guys you'll definitely thank me for this.. aight!!

here's the ketchup effect..

now that i have educated you..
class dismissed.. haha :D
Crash out.. ~~

Monday, November 26, 2007


this band, lead by singer Haley Williams has finally come out with their latest album.. Riot! God, i totally forgot about it.. thank God i was up at 4am looking at smosh with my guitar on my lap thiking.. hmmmmm i wanna play some paramore on acoustic.. so yeah.. and ohh my gawd.. is their new singles fricking sweeet!!

can u imagine she started the band at the age of 13!? insane.. and god is her voice so so nice :D:D but i think she's like.. 17 now.. pretty young band thats already come so far..

after a year of touring they've finally come out with their latest album Riot!
the one here was their first one, "All we Know" speaking of which... why not watch the video?

she kinda looks like Jo Jo in this one =.="

haha anyways... this is their new album..
if you have time.. you should check out their acoustic covers in youtube... awesome stuff..

so thats pretty much it..
Crash's album pick of the month! Riot! get it!



Sunday, November 25, 2007


date: 24th Nov 2007
time:9pm til late
venue: damansara heights. Hugh house

A house party was held by the architecture students of limkokwing. well, even architecture student know how 2 party;) 2 of PT members were invited, pupu and kennyville, and seriously! , the party was awesome, having good food ( mexican food ), drinks ( beers and all the other cocktails n stuff , music blasting and a dancefloor area for those who wants to dance.The house is seriously big and gorgeous all together creating a perfect environment for having a great party!.
Well, this just some jeez from the party to share with u guys~!

name of the party - GUSH - sound like a club name =p

perspective of the house interior .cool eh!

featuring DJ Kennyville spinning at GUSH ( rnb )

architecture students dancing all nite! releasing all their stress ! =p

next, featuring DJ Pupu ( trance and techno )

trance trance !

another perspective of the house interior. just love the lighting and ambient!

u feel the gush?

cool lighting

pupu with the owner of the house, Hugh !

artwork by all those who attended the party!

everyone was happy and enjoyed the party! =)

even PT made their name on the artwork. transmitting from GUSH!

a cool lamp dude pissing. one of the attraction at the party!.Haha!

well, indeed, architects do it with models ;)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

shisha bubble!

hahaha.just somethin 4 u shisha-ers out there 2 try.i find it kinda cool..
itz call.shisha bubble..sound kiddo but its one massive shisha trick 2do bside the smoke ring.
have fun.try it.comment on it.
2do it.
: you just need something that can produce bubble..soapy stuffs.shampoo, soap, bubble stuffs where u use to play when you are young.those can blow make big2 bubble.
: u need something like a small pipe..mayb straw, toilet paper roll , small pipe.
: deep the other end of the straw or toilet paper roll into the soapy substance . then blow shisha smoke from the other side.

as simple as that. all the best in trying! =)

- pupu -

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Liverpool Outing Part 2!!

alright u mofos' i know i'm abit the lagging with my sentries la but.. OMG wait did i say sentries?! hahaha sorry sorry.. i meant entries.. been playing too much Team Fortress 2 adi.. haha!! anyways yes yes i know birthday saya baru saje ber-passing .. already 20 but doesn't feel any different..

here was the pics from the house party, Pony wasn't in them cos Li Peng was on the phone the whole night.. ish. . but i think these were the ones before she called.. :D:D

yes yes.. all taken in the wonderful house 23.. my house baby!!

hahaha some homo shit going on here between rob and ben..

yes... he's rather proud of it... -_-"
hahah darren.. priceless :D

zat is me and ze girl...
alright.. then after that.. the day after.. where did we decide to go? Albert Docks babeh!!

hehe this one i gotta give credit to Luke for the "in the moment shot"

the guys were upset seeing us having our "moment".. so we got kicked out and they took their own shot.. -_-"
banyak berat oooooo!!! hahha see poony there just stoning...
some statue of some dude posing like elvis.. figured we pose too!
statue : Pull my finger!!!
Leon: OKAY!!!

i forgot who it was.. but he asked pony to take a pic with this weird looking monument..
but the dude was a lil puzzzled as to where to stand.. so where does he park his rear?? . . .
RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE!! HAHA! look at his content face :D

more random shots..

alright!!! and where did we go after that?? no wait.. think it was before.. ahhh anyway..
its ANFIELD! HOme of the Reds..
didn't really look around that much cos the last tour had already past.. but compared to Old Trafford.. . sorry la.. nothing beats the RED DEVILS!!

whispering words of love in Darren's ear..

well that was pretty much the first weekend that darren and pony popped by..
here's the second one.. two weeks later for Delirious in concert in the Cathedral..
with Ken, Elaine and V_Yin.. hehe. . i forgot how her names' spelt.. will correct it another time...
well the first night started off with a bang.. HOUSE PARTY AGAIN!!!

ken and elaine.. heung.. got two elaines!! one from manc and one local one.. from liverpool wan..

the next night.. Delirious in concert!!!

the band was pretty damn good!!! awesome turnout and the acoustics in the cathedral was just spectacular!! ons ons!!
the next day we brought the crew to the docks... but this time to go to the Tate Gallery, some arty farty stuff la.. Rob thought it'd be funny to hold something long and hard.. so he held that.. of the Pumphouse Inn.. yes... its called the PUMPHOUSE INN.. haha

a photo in a photo?
yes.. this lil statute here is called "the kiss" .. looks more like the "makeout" to me.. -_-"
hahaha this one i had to put in.. cos i got seriously screwed for taking a photo of this one.. haha!!
heres some random pics around town.. and ken sleeping..
yes.. lions need to eat too -_-"

oh yeah! i got new gadgets and presents too from my bday!! but i guess i'll put pics of em' up once u guys read this one.. oh yeah.. i was supposed to put the link to this a very long long time ago as well.. aih.. upset la.. i should've been there!!!

damn outdated i know.. but i tried putting it up earlier on but i couldnt.. for those reading this from over here in the UK. . i bet u must be like.. WTF?!!! haha..
but they had this planned for quite a long time already... crazy huh?
God why didnt they have that when i was around!!! wudda burnt something along with the rest of my PT crew!!!

alright guys.. thats all for now.. i'll transmit soon .. i still have another entry on crash's visit to old trafford!! wooott!!!!!

Crash out~~