Monday, December 31, 2007

Law Ball 2007 Vid..

alright.. i've been getting alot of requests about the law ball vid ever since its been taken out of the web due to certain reasons.. anyways.. since i'm no longer part of the uni.. what the hell! haha.. enjoy guys.. :D

crash.. over and out..


since i see u all post so much i damn tak puas adi!
this is what crash has been up to in the UK!

this was a few weeks back but since i've managed to like.. get the pics outta my phone.. here's the trip to Old Trafford!

sorry la guys.. not as photographic as kennyville's or pupu's.. maybe even addwind's.. but here goes..
the journey started off in manchester.. after leaving this darren's place we went to trafford.. where we saw from damn far away.. OLD TRAFFORD BABEH!!! the home of none other but the greatest football team in the world!! MANCHESTER UNITED!!
as we walked in we saw lots and lots of crests. . here and there..
these were all in the museum.. this one's gary neville's achievement for receiving 500 caps..
of course.. being champions.. sure damn chat alot of trophies right..
the greatest keeper of all time.. no need to say who right!

more of his stuffhehe u see as world class athletes.. they oso know how to play foos okay!!

ahhhh this is where it all goes down peeps.. the pitch..

and this was where sir Alex Ferguson kicked a boot right into Beckham's face!! ..hahaha. when we went in we saw Giggs and Nani there.. dunno why they were still there.. damn chuns weih.. . .. KIDDING! haha yeap.. two great players.. and another one there too.. in black.. hahaha!

the seats for home and away teams..
hehe i sat where ferguson sat... and ben.. well.. dunno la.. hahaha

A couple weeks later me and lyn went to Bolton Reebok Stadium to work.. and well.. knowing that it was Man.U playing.. me and lyn kinda skipped work and found ourselves TWO FRONT ROW SEATS! 4th row from the pitch.. to watch the game.. the scary thing here is that we were on the Home team side.. the Bolton fans side... and OMG.. the amount of jeering that Man.U got was brutal.. LOL... even Patrice Evra couldn't take it.. think he asked the Home team side to shut up a couple times.. LOL.. haha only to get booed at..
EDWIN... van der sar... lol

here's the video of it.. as u can see... the Bolton fans really don't like Man.U cos they know what a great team they were.. haha if only if i could've convinced them.. but who gives a shit i was too happy watching them play.. haha!! i saw Giggs and Tevez!!! wooot!!

more to come from crash.. over and out..

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Woohooo~!! after so long i have waited. . . Its finnaly here~~ Thanks to my lovely mum :)

Now i can look trought the eye of a fish~~ . . . Hopefully they will come out with spidey eyes~~ than i can see things like spiderman do.

Will upload my first film soon :)


Sunday, December 23, 2007

OMG WTF!? ~!@#$%^&*()_+|

Guess what PT members saw..

a closer view..

of course we didnt have enough BALLS to take a better picture..


Friday, December 21, 2007

The Historical Trip

The very 1st interesting thing that I bump into on the way to Melaka.

I should send this picture in the Star picture contest and win RM 50.XD

My 1st stop at Melaka , the infamous Chicken rice balls.

Acording to my brother this is the very 1st restoran who started off the Chicken rice balls madness. I have to say the chicken really taste good, but the rice is any ordinary rice. But it just comes round.
Bukit "Sean Paul" Get busy =P

The bicycle used by the motorcyclist above to train his skills.

Enjoying the transmissions by us so far . . . .

Makes me feel like sculpting something.
This police here is seriously a great poser like Pupu XD I swear he is posing. . . or maybe starring at "chiqs"
After exploring Mahkota parade and the rest of the area around there i took of to Tanpin.
Wohoo~! Ended up in Cowboy Town A' Famosa Resort.

They love playing with fire. . . .

Seriously. . . .

Now they blast of a fireworks across the face of the audience. ( its just a train btw )

And into the air of course. . .

1st time trying to play light painting with fireworks. Some picture screwed up thought.

Next day i got back to Jonker Walk for more eating marathon. . .

1st stop Chicken rice ball. . . This 1 not so "cun" The chicken very ordinary.

They need more of this stencils around KL. Seriously.

More people enjoying our transmissions. . . .

Aliens which conquered part of Melaka.

I want this light in my room.

So me. . .

The after effect of taking too much alcoholic drinks. . . .

The motorcyclist change his job. . . .

The church also enjoying our transmissions. . .

This cendol is "super duper" Delicious. . . Is damn nice to eat and is damn freaking crowded too.

Thats how that guy above got so drunk. . .

When the Japanese came "Shin Chan" was there too.

Aiya wasted is not "Shin Chan" alone.

"Whoah" banyaknyer~~

My last stop was the famous "satay celup" . Yummy yummy. . . .

Had a great trip =P Wish to travel around Malaysia and then the rest of the world. "Daft bila mau pergi Bukit Tinggi~! Cheryl Kecohlah =P" DNS lets crossover sometime soon again ;)