Saturday, November 7, 2009

ALL- American Reject * AAR

well, last week,
AAR came down to perform at Bukit Jalil and we ( crash, pupu, azriel, phillips and suwanee ) decided to crash the event. Overall, the concert was just OK,* it was a ( rm5 ) concert..dirt cheap..thus the quality was just OK...
well, these are few shots taken * nothing much but yeah...enjoy...
p/s... we the kings, all time low, between the trees.. PLZZZ come down and perform here in Malaysia!!! :O

crash & his ' mind blowing ' technique.*

azriel & crash

suwanee enjoying the concert *

some of the lyrics were just too intense.

phillip & azriel cilling along with the flow of the song. ' i wanna i wanna '

level of the performance - dull, slow, boring

then it gets dizzier, crazier, and mind blowing?

and later on..just gets better! ;)

Project-Transmission.. [ DOA?]

hello guys!
bet you'all were wondering what happened to us! are we dead?or alive...? .
basically, all (4) of us were kinda taking a break, busy with daily life.. working.. studying.. design..etc.etc..;)
but dont worry. we will be back soon..real soon.. ;) cheers!