Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blink blink !

If you think you've seen it all, think again. If you think the previous foosball tables are really cool, take a look at these babies... or rather...blings!
Presenting the blings of all foosball table, the VIP-Kicker! Although the VIP-Kicker may look similar to Lux Minimalist, it is definitely on a league of it's own.

Hailed for being a part of Steininger company, VIP-Kicker is synonymous with both quality and innovation. It fulfills the requirement of the super-rich urban male... and female a like.
VIP-Kicker comes in 3 editions, The Exclusive Edition, The Cyrstal Edition and the Premium Edition.

The Exclusive Edition comes in a solid high-tech look. Nice metallic touch with shinny rods and men. The Exclusive Edition comes with a design option where anything from the men and table colour can be customized.

Exclusive Edition Exclusive Edition Exclusive Edition Exclusive Edition Exclusive Edition Exclusive Edition

VIP-Kicker truly defies all rules. What only we can imagine is now a reality. The Crystal Edition is a symbol of pure luxury. Covered with more than 140,000 Swarovski crystals,I will personally smack anyone who tries to perform a snake shot on this table!

Crystal Edition Crystal Edition Crystal Edition Crystal Edition Crystal Edition Crystal Edition

VIP-Kicker Premium Edition is the cream of the crop. This handmade table is partly covered with more than 180,000 Swarvoski crystals. That's alot of blings! According the VIP-Kicker website, the Premium Edition is more than just foosball - it is an attitude of life and I truly believe it!

Premium Edition Premium Edition Premium Edition Premium Edition Premium Edition Premium Edition

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Lux Minimalist

Ever fancy having a foosball table of your own? Owning a foosball table is cool, but having these designer babies over at your living room, you'll be an instant chic magnet.

Cool Foosball Table by 2 Eleven

This space-age foosball table looks like one you'll only find in the lounge of Star Trek's The Enterprise. Imagine Spock versus Scottie in the Open Singles final on this baby. This designer piece is by 2 Eleven sports a cool sleek shape, sporty colour and built with the finest material which give this table a unique look.

Other features such as a cup holders, monitor on both end of the table and an automatic ball lift! No more scuffling into the ball ramp for the ball.


And if space is an problem at your home, you can always opt for this baby. Called the Lux Minimalist, this sleek baby will make any room looks huge.

A truly minimalist cool foosball table in stainless steel, aluminum and ESG unbreakable glass, the Lux Minimalist is fully customizable down to the colors of frame, legs and field. There are also over 12 options for the figures that can be selected below. The tables can also have a company or team logo on the sides or playing field.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the laws of attraction has been perversely manipulated!

its funny how people would think that girls would push themselves away from those who are already attached.. but thats never really the case.

stats show that on an average, a girl is more likely to flirt with a guy when she knows he's attached...

it took me awhile to understand this but its pretty simple really. .

its just like playing nickel slots - lotsa fun.. little risk..
some girls just love flirting with someone whos taken precisely because the stakes are low.
they'll engage in racy banter and maybe get a lil touchy feely (aka kino-escalation xD) ,
and heres the best part, then they'll walk away with a clear conscience while the guy cooks in his shoes. Hence, hitting the jackpot is NEVER an option.

Of course if the committed guy makes a move, she can always open her eyes wide in protest and declare "I'd never be the other girl!". And for good measure add: "How could you?!"

Then she'll spin around on her stiletto and walk away with a grin.

<--crash out.-->