Monday, September 29, 2008

breast cancer awareness!!

yes we're educating you on how to check for "lumps"

might as well know.. better to be safe than sorry =)
old dude's diggin' it.. xD

crash out~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sole What???

Last Saturday i was in The Gardens - Midvalley Megamall at Sole What for their 1st anniversary celebration. All i have to say is a pretty small event filled with lots of colorful sneakers ? Makes you feel like adding more shoes into your personal collection. =P Hopefully the pictures underneath won't make u crave for sneakers like i did. XD

In the event there was a lucky draw too. And according to my friend Kenny, 21 pairs of shoes will be given out to the lucky draw winners. Hopefully i will be one of the winners. =P Overall i guess is a delightful event for all the sneaker freakers out there. ^^ For those who didn't get enough of this post you can check out the official website.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

boooobies are great !


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photo Shooting Under the Stars

For those people who are already bored of all the same night outings again and again ,"yum char",clubbing,table games, and others. Why not, pack your camera then head down to a certain location and start shooting. =DD I forgot who's idea was this from, but we all end up having a whole lot of fun. =PpThat night, we had 5 camera "kaki's" shooting whatever we saw around us. Our stop for that night was Putrajaya and below was the results of that trip.

The canon "kaki" AKA Kelimms/Emo/B/W boy =__=

A shot by Kelimms of 1 of the buidings at Putrajaya.
"The Passerby". Shot by DC-Darren

Crash's midshot of the bridge.
Took this pic with Kelimms cam. =P

1 of my favourite shot. It was the final location for Crash before Crash started screaming his head off for not charging his camera battery XD A shot on the bridge =D Had to wait for the car which took so long to come by =__=
Crash's shot beside the bridge ^^
"Reflection" by DC

"The rail from Heaven".Really like this pic that Crash took =DD
Destination unknown =P
"The wait". . . . . credits to Kelimms ^^ "Clone Wars" LOL~!!!! editing done by DC =))

"pT* members"

Wonder when will be our next outing =S Since the two pT* members in the middle is in UK. . . . . Anyhow for those who actually think of shooting don't forget to bring your tripod along. If not you might end up with a bunch of blur pictures. ^^ And if you have time, you can also touch up your photoshop skills so you can do some photo editing like DC did. =P


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dancing Animals In LOVE

Hey guys~~! I was browsing through You Tube to look around for reference for my project and i bump into this video. I really like the idea and the simplicity of it. Even the lyrics and the songs matches the visual. Hope you guys enjoy the video. Anyway, i am sorry for the super long update.I guess everyone is busy with works assignments and other stuffs. Will update the blog soon peeps~!!! =DD

Ciao for now~!


Friday, September 12, 2008

transformers.. and the search for the matrix..

was bored.. lazy to photoshop the pics from all of our outings..

so heres what i've been doing.. hehe..

yeah i know.. i'll post the pics up okay.. OKAY!!
RELAX! haha..

see y'all..
crash out~