Saturday, May 31, 2008

Miss Those Days. . . .

After browsing through some of my old works for my portfolio. . . . .

I really miss those times. . . . .

Drawing on the drawing table for hours and hours. . .

It had been a while seens i have touch the pencil/marker/italic/etc. . . .

Can't wait for the day to start drawing on an empty piece of paper again. . . . . . .


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

News ?

read this from the newspaper about a month ago and thought it will be interesting to share this with u guys out there..because of long procrastination ,this a month ago(or maybe longer than that) news is scanned and post now..

"guess you people out there should control yourself and learn from this when your hormones goes wild , something like this might happen to you" :D


mata-IKan2 - episode 2

ten ten ten! mata ikan 2 episode 2!
hehe.back last saturday, i went for my friend's birthday party at subang.! * happy birthday jo!! =p
so, my hand kinda itchy that day..jus after few days gettin my lomo so decided to burn more pictures! these are some of the pictures that survived! ! at least this time, its much more better then the earlier roll! :p enjoy!

pozing as usual ;)

johanan and his friends!

tak sengaja burn the film coz i open the back n the film got exposed 2 the light..dam noob wey:(

just love the multiple exposure effect

birthday boy huggin himself! =p

haha..4 tf2 players inside the soon2b! ;p


DBKL's Artwork

They said rules are ment to be broken. . . . This shop, and
this other hawker stores here has been operating illegally for many years in Taman Desa Setapak. . . . .
I bet none of them foreseen of such thing to happen. . .
When i heard the news 1st hand from a friend of mine, i myself couldn't believe it. . . .
Gone. . . . . . . .
I had to go there just to see how bad the disaster was. . . .
I remember those days eating here with a bunch of friends and having a great time. . . .
The destruction machine. . . . . .
I feel sorry for the victims of this awful event. . . .
Shit!! I guess following the rules is better than not. . . . . For more information and pictures of the event. . . click here. Never underestimate the power of DBKL over Taman Desa Setapak. . . . . . Below are some video taken by the residents nearby. . . . .


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crash's Recipe for Disaster!

grab your hello kitty apron and your ninja frying pan and lets fillet this bad boy!
first up! my recipe for disaster!
now alot of people think that you can just throw chaos into a situation and walk away
thats not the case the most you can get outta that is just mayhem..

A good disaster..i mean really lip smacking muaahh!! should be catastophic,
and that my friends takes preparation and patience..

as everyone knows there are literally thousands of ways to flavour your disaster,
but the recipe that i'm gonna give you today is just for a good COMMON DISASTER..
heres the basic ingredients that your gonna need..

your gonna need a cup of the IDEA of chaos, not chaos!
then your gonna need about a half pound of sliced trouble.. as thin a you can get it sliced
and a half pound of sliced MISCOMMUNICATION..

now.. your also gonna need one old man.. just any sized old man will do..

make sure that he's right.. your also gonna need.. maybe just a pinch of truth.. just a pinch..

and then your gonna need three buckets of uncontrollable forces.. one filled with ...



alright! now lets make some disaster!

start with the idea of chaos, you just wanna throw it in..
and thats gonna be your base. . now right away. . add your old man..
now alot of people will say don't add your old man till later but i say add him right now!
cos' right at the beginning.. everyone's just gonna be like..

"whaaa? wait who is that guy?"

"why is he here"

"what the hell?"

let him just walk around the chaos and he'll just be there
looking at people.. standing in doorways.. trying to hang out in backlit places..
running his mouth over things..

now.. go ahead and add your trouble and your miscommunication..
thing is.. is that u have to add them together at the same time..
if you just throw in trouble in there.. someone with a good idea is gonna solve it..
and then disaster has been averted..

what happens then?
you have to have the trouble going on with the miscommunication..
for instance..

a new shipment of walkie talkies come in.. and you light the walkie talkies on fire..
there! theres your trouble but UH-OH! the walkie talkies are on fire but you have to make sure that the guy they sent for water comes back with battery.. cos water and battery just wreaks more havoc..
now thats miscommunication..

think about it like a very poisonous lasagne.. you wanna have a layer of trouble, then a layer of miscommunication..

a layer of trouble..
a layer of miscommunication..

now at the same time you should.. in a totally separate pot..
be bringing your uncontrollable forces to a boil..
and RIGHT before u add in the uncontrollable forces..
you just wanna throw in that dash of truth..

right that your gonna wake everyone up thinking
"ohh my goodness this is actually gonna happen!"

you can use truth, but i find that if you just use the perception of truth..
you'll get a much better result


add the uncontrollable forces and you have disaster!

now you just sit back with a nice glass of chilled Rosè and listen to
the old man cackle..

"cackle cackle cackle.."

can't take all the credit for this wonderful recipe.. version was way cooler.. lol..

crash.. over and out..~

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The End is Here. . . .

I wonder where i will end up to and what will happen in the near future. . . .

But now, i am not tied down to college anymore and we've all finish our final task. . .

My Final Exhibition is finally here. I hope you guys out there can come over and support us =)

The exhibition will be held from 23rd to 30th this month at my college starting from 10am - 6pm weekdays and 10am - 1.30pm Saturdays.

Above is just a few of what we have in the exhibition =) Hope to see you there =))) And whoever who have already been there, please feel free to drop your comments here. Thank you soooooo muuuuuuch~~ =)