Wednesday, December 16, 2009

crash goes to Singapore! .. again..

So like, it was a five day trip down to our neighbour down south.. and boy it was it a good one..
Since we arrived on thursday Vming and i decided to roam about Orchard and Queensway, taking in the sights and sounds of Xmas! :D
Before we party at Zoukout of course!

The decorations lighting up Orchard is probably one of the reasons to check out Sg at this time of year.. not to mention the sales here and there.. :P

LOL and i bought shoes too..

stayed at Dad's place on Orange Grove

Vming, like.. never seen a building before.. lol

Evil Bears.. funny thing about this decoration in Tangs was that there was a "Do not Touch sign" followed by a "High Voltage" at the bottom.. which kinda made me a lil curious..
but before i could reach my hand to grab one of these lil dudes a lil kid comes running in to
'pat' of of them.. and oddly enough he pulled his hand back so fast! looking so confused!

Philip =D

Le Deuche

orchard rd.

haha this sign was in queensway.. lol!
racial biasness fail!

pretty cool xmas deco..
totally made out of plastic bottles

orchard rd. at night

ran into a skate park while waiting for the bus..


Singapore Grand Prix?

Ion Mall..

whats xmas without an Xmas Tree?!

believe it or not, this is the inside of that tree!
Terminator ala Deuche..

same tree..

different pose..

Love the lighting for this one.

This was on our way to Sentosa Island via the monorail..
had no idea what these kids were up to..

The Pickup Artist ;)

Sunbathing fail

chilling at the beach

mother and daughter

Meet me halfway, right at the borderline..
perimeter of the zoukout area..


Thanks pups for loaning your Lumix!
shudda taken more pics dammit!

~crash out~

crash goes to ZOUKOUT!

yes i know its been awhile since there were any activities that any of us have been up to, but everyone's been busy!!! (except PuPu la.. lazy bastard.. xD) but nevertheless it was thanks to Pup's Lumix LX2 that got the pics so we're grateful!

So here are the pics from the Event itself! these aren't all of 'em as POH YEE hasn't sent the ones in her cam yet.. >=( i'll upload those when i get it and the ones prior to Zoukout later ;)

As usual the event was held at Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island.. Vming and i decided to go early to soak up some sun but it ended up to be really cloudy.. so much for that.. so we decided to check out the Event ground! .. by sneaking in.. LIKE A NINJA!!

Site map.. i think the whole area musta been at least a couple Miles..

Arena B's stage.. where Deadmau5 was going to be played!

the whole stretch.. from Arena B

Some cheerleaders.. the girls were doing some sorta weird cheer routine.. which i managed to record on cam.. (it'll be up on facebook..) and the guys did this wrong version of the Maori Haka
but nevertheles.. A for Effort lol
And the event begins!!


Singtel Promoters..

After this pic we were told that we could get FREEFLOW (mental note to link Azriel Chan) if we were Singtel users.. and we were.. so let the drinking begin!
Singtel Site

Vming found joy in jumping behind every photo..

Beware of Low Ceiling..

Butt Pirates.. lol~

this is actually from a video i took.. mental note to upload that later too..

more drinking..

Uncle Vming story telling..
this one timeeee... at bannnndd cammmp??

another site where i got drinks from Mut! :D
i have no idea which sponsor's this one though.. hmmm

yeah.. i was at Arena B most of the time.. wwaiting for Deadmau5.. lol
and no he wasn't there.. but his tracks were being played..

some light dancer dudes..

heineken booth..
got drinks from there too :D

Arena A.. where richie hawtin and Armin were gonna play..

Rip Curl Hotties~

some weird game where you're supposed to find some lightstick with the sponsor's name on it..
looks like fun..

A fellow KL dweller! ...

... whose name is.... crap.. i forgot her name..

Nokia Hottiess~

Poh Yee, Li Vern, Huay Lian!

Sherina on the swirly thingy...
... with Sue Lin...
doesn't look like fun... lol

wave pool! dammit man.. wanted to try it out.. till i was told how much it was..
bigger wave pool

i've seen this dude somewhere before... 300?

whaddya know.. the lovely couple are back together.. Bry + Elle..
Elle disappeared when we were at Arena B at like.. 3somethingAM to sleep.... i have no idea where! hahaha!


And the Main Event! can't believe it was already 5am at the time!
the crowd was still pretty pumped as if it was only 8pm!

you wouldn't even would have guessed it was a beach right?!
by that time Vming was God knows where .. looking for food.. the girls were at Arena D listening to badly strung together pop music.. (taylor swift was pplaying! xD) and i was at Arena A with Ace and Mut! :D
didn't have enough battery to take more at the time.. dammit PuPu! buy an extra Batt next time!
HAHA this pretty much summed up what was going to be the end of Zoukout '09..
As we were walking back to the bus station on Sentosa Island.. you couldn't help but notice so many people just sleeping at random places.. running about looking for somewhere to puke.. or.. pulloff what looked to me like a BADASS MERLION! ~ Boomer style lol..

this dude looked pretty comfy..

All in all it was a pretty good event.. you gotta know that Zoukout's not a sprint but a crazy ass marathon .. with booze.. awesome music.. amazing people.. euphoric atmosphere.. and well.. you get what i mean.. so yeah!

Who's up for Zoukout 2010?!

crash out~