Wednesday, August 27, 2008

pT* storms Malacca!

Malacca! the town full of history, full of wonderful food, full of culture.. all these wonderful things in such a close proximity within the area of their timeless buildings and monuments..

so once again.. we be road tripping all the way down to what they call the "Bandar Bersejarah" (historical city).. with our hearts set and our stomachs empty.. WE VENTURED!

already about lunch time and Jongker Street's a living vein of people streaming up and down this famous street...
authorithy. .
Tons of trishaws available for tourists..

Nullname.. Josh and Yen Li in front of Kota A'Famosa
Sheltered Tomb..
symbol of strength..

kelimms shot.. entitled.. opportunity.. He- Man.. lol!

Josh and his Mum..
O'Chien baby!! Also known as the Oyster Omellette..

the hungry..
the food!
the excitement!
the big papa prawn!!
the surprise of how much we ate.. lol!
3 happy and satisfied boys..
we finished at around 10-ish.. and yet the queue was still so long!
Josh's mum made us breakfast the next day.. mmMMMmm
still sleepy..
again with the queue! this time for chicken rice balls baby!!
hehe.. luckily we got in before the crowd came!

mMmmmMMmmm DIG IN!! Christ Church..

she loves me.. she loves me not
follow the white rabbit..

the ponderer.. whats a trip to this beautiful city if you don't go for the Durian Cendol man!!
no words can describe the taste that just runs through your tastebuds as it just melts on your tongue.. simply orgasmic.. thats why i had TWO! lol..
aight.. rest of the pics i'll try to upload it on facebook or something..
still have a couple more posts to do before i leave for the UK!
sobsssss.. :(

crash out ~

Monday, August 25, 2008

pT*s day in Broga!

a couple weeks back we headed for a food trip down south to Semenyih, so we set out in the whee hours in the morning to head off to seek the famous IKAN BAKAR BROGA!! yeah babbyyyy..

our driver for the day was none other than Lee Bing Loon.. lol..
our soundtrack for the outing was pretty much taken over by the Beatles and old school music which fitted in pretty well to where we were about to go.. so even though it was like about an hour's plus journey there it wasn't so bad..

so here we were at our first stop in semenyih... Hot Soup! a.k.a "lat thongg" (pardon my pronounciation >.<) so here we are, Bing Loon,
Bing Loon again with "Tubby"
.. Darren, his cousin Julian and myself we waiting for the first few dishes so i decided to take out the cam..
all served in claypot.. woot!~ soups on!!

mmmMmmmMmmMmmm xD
after that we headed straight for Brogaaaaa... turn on the Beatles!

some abandoned tractor.. so cool.. lol..
nothing like having some cendol on a sizzling hot daayy... =)
Darren ready to chow down ..

PANN MEEE!!! xD xD xD xD xD xD hehe then after that we took off to our final destination, after all of those dishes which were merely appetisers for our main meal.. thing is.. to even get to the place is a task itself, the roads weren't even tarred.. just old school gravel were guiding us all the way there as we were bouncing up and down from the uneven terrain..
at the end of the road was this opening where all we could see was just a flat land with mountains and what not at the end our horizon.. nothing but landscape.. sweett..

so here's the place, Pusat Memancing Ikan Broga (Broga's Fishery)
placed into another tank.. where the fish ..

is gutted there and there.. cooked and served.. =) can't wait! Heres a couple shots of the place..

the waiting game..

Wheee! food's here!
and our fishh.. man.. even bloggin about it now is making me frikin hungry!
extra spicy ..

with a zest of lemon :)well that's about it for now folks!
more to come soon! soon! soon!!
i swear!

Man its definitely a place to go more than once if you really wanna enjoy some ikan bakar.. and another plus is also the "chill out" atmosphere the place had, just relaxing laying back on our chairs and enjoying the cool breeze that were coming from the mountains.. niceee..
haha i bet you must be wondering whether it was worth our money.. HELL YESS IT WAS!!
cos it was pretty cheap!

aight i'm off
~crash out~~

sigh.. another 4 more days before i go back to the UK :(