Saturday, July 5, 2008

Urbanscapes 2008 .

Last saturday, me ken and erng mei/...we went for this cool event which was the urbanscapes..held at KLPAC sentul!..well, the event is about having all these famous local artist to come down and perform... having designers to come and exhibit their works and talent and also having shows on our own local independent movies which was really good and interesting. and the best part was to b able to meet with many old friends there! well, these are some stuffs from the event that we wanted to share with u guys!

first destination, the art and design gallery where few local artist and designers work being exhibited. Mostly at the main area of Klpac.

this is not part of the exhibition btw.

the cool ' tapau man.thats what they call it...this movable puppet thingy made of the polistrin food packaging which we get when we tapau food from mamak. You can even move the parts like the legs and hands. really cool stuffs!

these are some of the artistic-creative works being exhibited there..

ice cream man? ..ahha cool art

me and ken were looking at this cool artwork..interesting stuffs..

some jenga-puzzle like being made into some artistic display...

mmm.where to go next? perhaps the theaters for the gigs and videos..

joshua and his partner performing.. was really good !..

Next, we decided to go watch some local made videos which were really good and interesting like kurus and some others.. well, this is the entrance to the ' black box ' one of the best theater in asia perhaps

the interior of the blackbox! hahaha realie awesome with all the colorful seating and good acoustical room performance.

this are the other theater which cater for some of the band performances such as seven and many more...but to me, it ..looks like a place for raving and dancing! really cool setting.

they got it all..xpac? or klpac?

next we headed out for fresh air and for some photo outing of the surrounding area..

presenting our x-pac's embassador for year2008.. erng mei..

there we and ken, going all around every corner and angle to take pictures !

some of the happenings going on outside the klpac. they also had flea market selling unique, creative and antic items such as lomo cameras, secondhand branded dress, jeans, shirts and some designer items to, all at really cheap price..

a cute small girl posing for the cameras :)

even erng mei also pose like a model there..

some sort for massage .looks kinda fun though :P

and when we were about to go back. we and the rest of the people who came for the event had this problem... not being able to exit the parking space.. reason..because of some people ..simply park at the exit road causing all of us to be stranded at the parking space..
solution to this?..

haha..all of us decided to move the kelisa to clear out the way !

and a note from us to the owner .. nothing personal.. just bussiness ! =)

on way out, we headed to this old classic abandon mansion which was a really an exciting place. having all this nostalgic feeling . So we decided to have out photo outing there..posing and taking pictures from every possible corner. then, after a while... a guard came and chased us away! how sad...but overall..we managed to pose and take some pics!

together we go...together we go back..

we wished we could stay till night for the rest of the events and performances. but. overall, it was a great event ! and looking forward to go again next year!

picture credits - thanks to erng mei for also helping out in taking pictures .

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Jason Ng said...

That old mansion really looks cool :D nice photos yet again :)