Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adriana Lima!!

Okay now we all know who she is and who she represents.. for those of you who don't.. well.. she's a prominent Victoria Secret model and only the creme of the crop gets hand picked to represent this world renowned name..

yes i know your jaw's prolly hung wide open saying "God damn!" they're the reason why us lay people have such low self esteem..

why girls will spend thousands of dollars to look half as good as they do..

why the mass media would come us with such programmes as "Malaysia's DreamGirl" and have 3 people criticise one girl after another..

why probably (and i'm just saying one of the many reasons behind it) rape cases are so high in certain places..

LETS JUST FACE IT! they're VICTORIA SECRET MODELS!! ............. aka girls you and I will never get to f*ck

but hey. .as they say we're all just admirers of beauty.. with that being said.. here's my feature presentation.. Adriana Lima.. in the latest GQ mag.. (have some tissues ready! just in case xD)


what? more pics you ask? sorry fresh out xD or maybe i'm saving the good ones for myself? hmmmmm ..

haha well thats all for now folks.. sorry its taking so long to upload my trip in Spain.. there's so many pics that i'm still sorting them out..

add_wind asked a few days ago about my daily pics .. haha well.. here's one for you to check out..

hmmm i wonder what that is.. sure as hell ain't no lollipop.. xD

crash out~

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