Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Behind the Lens..

So many of u have asked us how exactly do we do it.. well for awhile i thought that giving away the secret or the technique would be like a magician giving away his trick to the audience, but then again this is only Light Painting after all right? =)

its a whole lotta fun! remember back when you weren't paying attention in class and all u did was just doodle on your notebook? well this is probably where it would come in handy! but again like everything else practice makes perfect!

This time the crew decided to head to putrajaya to paint and boy did we have fun!
we also got new toys to paint with so do excuse us if it looks a lil messier than our last episode.
you'll see the results in our next post.. or on my facebook if u have me on it ;)


... dammit i was gonna say action but why is this pic here!?
.. on the way to our paint-spots..


mad props to Ally for taking the behind the lens footage for us ;)
crash out~

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