Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Cyberians Trip

Dear Mutt and Ace,

First and foremost, I am really glad u guys didn't miss the bus back to Singapore. Secondly, i am extremely happy that you guys came over to Malaysia and partied with us. That night was a blast and it definitely will be a memorable night for all of us. Since our next outing won't be possible at this short period of time, i guess we shall just pray that we bump into each others in TF2 for some frag feast. XD This post here will just be a little souvenier from us to you guys~! Hope it brings back some great moments while you guys were here in Malaysia.

Demoman / Kelimms accomplish his job by getting other team members drunk Xp
Hope you guys had lots of fun over here~! Can't wait to party in Singapore with you guys someday~! XD


mut. said...

hallo hallo, thank you again for having us! wonderful, wonderful times ^^

The 2nd last pic = own.

tinderbox said...
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rivace said...

You can be sure we partied our hearts out.. because we seldom drink so much nowadays when clubbing in singapore! thanks once again, we really had a good time. wish we could stay longer..but yeah, KL is not that far from singapore actually so come down soon!

the last 2 pics where we slept were embarrassing though LOL.

Project Transmissions said...

So where's our next trip at??? XD LOL LOL~!! =P

Kelimms said...

Hahahaha! it was funny when you two slept! hahahahahaahha

rivace said...

Any weekends you all want can come down bah, but let us check if there are any gigs worth going first ^^