Saturday, August 16, 2008

Very Odd

Yes , I am back again with a post which is suppose to be up last week =___=" First of all , I am extremely surprise this is gonna be an indoor concert. I parked extremely near the outdoor stadium in Stadium bukit Jalil and expected everyone to be hanging around the outside of the stadium. But, when i reach there, the whole outside area of every stadium was empty 0___O I was pretty shock for a while.

So i headed towards the unexpected indoor stadium to watch Panic at the Disco Live in Stadium Putra. . . . I was kind of late , so i miss the opening act by One Buck Short.

Now is wierder, i expected the indoor stadium to be fully pack, but its not. . . =___=
Lead singer, which really perform his best eventhough it wasn't a big crowd. . . . .
You can walk into the moshpit , get out of it , and walk into it anytime you want to XD
You can even put your hands up in the air without getting elbowed or hit by anyone ^^
But anyway, they really did great that night~!! By pumping up the crowds energy level that night.
Enjoying his time. . . . .
The crowd goes wild. . . .
Peace. . . . .
and now time for war. . . . This security guard above was disallowing any type of DSLR's or even video cam's in that indoor stadium. The victim was just right in front of me, she had to talk her way out so that the management doesn't confiscated her cam. . . . Damn blardy annoying. . . My friend brought a Nikon D60 and she couldn't use it much the whole night. . . . . haiz. . . . =S
Secure heading towards another guy with a handy cam. . . . .
But i guess that doesn't stop everyone from having fun. . . . =P

And yes, i forgot to say. The stadium is pretty damn cold also =____= .

Overall, it has been a rocking cool performance. Eventhough i am not a big fan of them, they really rock the crowd that night. They came in full blast and swept the crowd into thier pretty odd world. They didn't hold back even if the crowd is small. It kind of felt like a private rock concert for all the Panic of the Disco fans who were present there that night.


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