Monday, April 14, 2008

Why Asian Guys Can't Get White Girls

Hey guys,

i know i was supposed to put up the Spain trip before anything else, but i'm sorrry i gottta break that rule lol..

this here is a tribute to probably one of the best 3 man production i have come across.. and the best part is they're around our age i think lol..
its pretty evident that they have come a very long way from one of their debut videos, "Yellow Fever" - why asian guys can't get white girls . .

here it is..

so keeping with the theme of it all.. someone decided to speak up for all white girls ..

there are many others but i think i've already proven my point..

here's another one by the WongFu Productions crew, this one kinda reminding me of the state of "whipped-ness" one of my friends is in lol..

Part 1

Part 2

and now a quick word from the producers!

lol.. yeah thats pretty much i have to showcase to you.. the rest you can check them out at.. their site..
the link's on the right hand side of the blog..
kinda makes me wanna make my own videos for real now lol..

crash out~

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