Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Digital Fish eye 2

For those who has fisheye 2 XD Sick and tired of undesirable pictures?? Fear no more =P after my Genting trip 29489673798787 years ago. I have learn that the Fish eye 2 viewfinder can be use in front of your digital camera lens to produce the similar results or even better XD Well i know this has broke all the rules in Lomography but it's really fun 2 =P I forgot who is the 1 who figure out about this XD I think is Weng Nam if i am not mistaken =P Or if is not , is most prolly 1 of them underneath ^^

Yan Jiun

Weng Nam

Weng Nam again =P

Xiang Yee



Kennyville and Frankie

Kennyville and Kenny


Su Loong my "Sifu"

Xiang Yee


My latest attempt using the technique =P Ah Low , Iker and Yan Jiun

Ah Low Iker And Yan Jiun again =P

and again ^^
and again XD
Really love this pic XD i played around with my camera and end up getting this pic 0____O

For those addicted to your Fish eye, this video clip down here has Fish eye looking scenes XD extremely cool =P Thats all for now =) ciao ^^


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