Sunday, March 23, 2008


Last friday, me and my college mates, went for a site visit to KLPac , Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center. Overall, it is a beautiful place with a raw touch of architecture.
Well, these are some pictures taken for you guys! ...enjoy.

the exterior of the building, it is actually an old warehouse but they renovated it back and make it a performing arts center.

some of the beautiful exterior views

the interior

the beauty of this place is that they use raw finish materials for interior spaces.

an indoor landscape area.

most of the cost for the construction of this KLPac went to this brickwork!

the beauty of raw finish material...

managed to enter their first stage call pentas 1 where they will have big plays and performances.

just love the colorful seating. The reason they use colorful seatings are to create an illusion so that when dancers perform, when they see the will look like it is full house as compared to if black seating, you can actually see the contrast between human occupying the seats.

a view from the top of pentas 1

dizzy after seeing so many colors :P

the landscapes and exterior of KLPac.

this is one cool sofa made of steel wire. Not bad, its kind of comfortable in a way.

they even have a beautiful private garden which they use for parties and stuff.

do come down KLPac for performances and dance when you guys got time. why not, instead of clubbing and foosball-ing or even shisha-ing, perhaps we can try doing new things ;)


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