Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday~!!

1st of all i would like to wish my "cheh cheh"~ Happy birthday~!! i know is abbit early but by the time she log in is definately is the day of her birthday di ^^ "Cheh cheh" 1 year older di loh and i am like graduating in a month time. . . . SO FAST~!!! anyway hope you have a blast on your birthday =) This below is 1 of the best exhibition from my school and my "cheh cheh" is 1 of the people behind it =P And thanks to it i am inspired to pimp my stuff XD

My "cheh cheh" & me. . .
For your information, everything here is base on scrap metal turn into art. . . The event is called Alchemy and the concept is to reuse scrap metal , beautify them ^^ & also sell them.

I am glad i get to have a piece of the event ^^


Forgot where i sign di XD

Old school telephone and camera (cannot be use)
Kitchen light. . . XD
Suspension Lamp. . . ^^

The bicycle base lamp . .

A whole bunch of experimental work. .
Dining lamp ^^
Decorative flower and clock. . .
Character design. . .
Character designs. . The lion and cow caught many people's attention. . .

And yes to i was inspired by that exhibition to replace rubber band and swap it to paper clips to pimp my bunch of keys. . Mixing with a few key chain holders XD

Pupu said it looks like a robot 0___o "Cheh cheh" ~!! happy birthday to you again =) hope to see you around more often before i leave the college =( 3 am owh no~!! Assignments~!!! bah~!!!!

Kennyville out. . .

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