Monday, March 3, 2008

GET MOOOving Movable Art 2008 @ Palate Palette Restaurant & Bar

Get mooving movable art 2008 was held at palate pallete KL. It is and art exhibition event whereby around 20 designers will be exhibiting their work and product such as clothing line, shoes and artistic drawings and posters.
Me (pupu) , kennyville and erng mei decided to head down to KL and check this event out.. here are some of the cool stuffz we managed to see and experienced!

The Poster for the event

The place is small but not the crowd!

One of the main attraction.. the horse

kennyville doing some magic ;)

meet our friend the scary bird

more of them being pinn up on the wall as part of their creative design !

the famous bear bricks also being exhibited

Miss Hua design label

one of the figure and ground artwork

another designer label

one of the wall .fully decorated with the pEacock and also some of the cool posters and images

pupu, kennyville and erng mei

then, we met this chiq trying 2 flirt with this cool dude..;)

one of the coolest thing to do to decorate your wall

check out this toilet door.

a designer photography will look like this..:P

The place itself, palate palette is beautiful and creatively designed

around 10, the event ended .time to ciowz!

even on the way back, i still can see some design and art ! :P (taken in kennyville's car )

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