Tuesday, March 25, 2008

crash's collections..

First of all i would like to wish Kennyville a very HAppy Belated Birthday, sorry i couldn't be there to slap you hard on the back saying "21 bitch!" hahaha Many happy returns man.. hope everything's going well over there in Malaysia..

okay! i know u guys are expecting me to post up pics from my trip to Spain but at the moment i'm getting them from Darren as we speak via msn..

(btw let me just say that that game with 4 pT* members in 2Fort was good shit!! haha.. really enjoyed myself for that one although this Luke didn't add pT* for his nick.. anyways.. back to this..)

so let this be a preview of what is to come.. i know that i told Derek that i'll be posting my pics of the stuff i've been getting here in the UK so here they are..

starting with my transformers..
heres Jaguar

my all time favourite, Smokescreen (Subaru Imprezza)

heres Optimus Prime in the Dodge Ram form

my other favourite Wheeljack! (mustang GT)

my collection in full.. well.. not really.. still got others in my room lolz..
Dinobots! Slag, Sludge and the Dinoking himself.. hehe

here's the original 1987 version of Rodimus Prime

Here's Hot Rod, they're two different models on their own..

Heres my Takara Masterpiece of Optimus Prime..
Here's Smokescreen, Shockwave and Silverstreak together..

Revoltech Series of Optimus and Megatron, still in their packaging. .. (i've already pre-ordered starscream and hot rod which are on their way from Japan as we speak as they're just been manufactured.. hehe )

rest of my boxes of transformers.. laying on my newly purchased Barca jersey from Camp Nou in Barcelona.. lol

Here's my Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 which additional parts have not been added yet due to TF2. . lol..

and also my Abyss Gundam..

OKAY! and now on to clothes.. lolz. .
nothing much, just wanted to show u guys the new edition of Polo T's for this season.. FCKING KICK ASS!!

there are shirts for other countries as well.. with different colours like blue for Italy and White for the US and Switz.. apparently they'll be more later in the season with South Korea (i'm guessing red) and so on.. but i doubt Malaysia will get a shirt of their own.. lol..

the back of my Barca shirt ^ ^

my first branded wallet >.<
add_wind this one's for you man.. been practising it but haven't tried it out on anyone yet.. maybe the next time when i go Sarging then we'll see lol.. as i've said along with this i've also gotten an authentic Bicycle deck for you too buddy.. fluorishes and sleight of hand never looked so good.. muahhahaha!!
speaking of which.. here's a lil something to keep in tuned to the next of
crash's post entitled - "FROM BARCA WITH LOVE" xD..
hehe crash out ^ ^

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