Saturday, December 1, 2007


haha told you here got foos in liverpool :P :P

taken from 's forum posted by Joe Bundy

28th November 2007 open event
A smallish turn-out. Cheers to the guys from Manchester for coming down, and hopefully the scene will build and some of the local players will attend in future.
Two events, doubles and singles - with some very good foos having been played (if not by myself).

Doubles results
1st - AK and Darren
2nd - Leon and Ming

3rd - Boris and Joe (sorry again Boz!)

Singles results

1st - AK (despite doing your wrist in against boris!)

2nd - Daz

3rd - Boris

4th - Joe
5th - Leon
6th - Ming

Doubles was first to 5, playing each combination of fronts and backs.

Singles was first to seven in the winners, first to five in the losers.

Prizes for the winners of the doubles event was 2 sets of poker chips...probably the full poker set, I'm not sure - I'm sure Ant or Darren will confirm.

Great playing from Ant to win both events. Good to meet some of the others guys too. I'll start to give you a challenge once i get some practice in!

Cheers to all the guys for coming down, and to George and Grosvenor's for the organisation (and Boris for the structure) and laying on free drinks and curry!
Pictures of the event to follow once George has finished work!

For those interested in taking part in the future an open event (free entry) will occur on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Also Wednesday will be a regular night for foos.
Cheers, Joe


hehe and the pics are as follows..
warm up sessions before starting the tournie

the finals..
partner.. ming!!
winners of the liverpool open doubles 07' for Nov..

hehe can't wait for the next event!!
ok gotta go train summore.. ciaoz!!


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