Monday, November 26, 2007


this band, lead by singer Haley Williams has finally come out with their latest album.. Riot! God, i totally forgot about it.. thank God i was up at 4am looking at smosh with my guitar on my lap thiking.. hmmmmm i wanna play some paramore on acoustic.. so yeah.. and ohh my gawd.. is their new singles fricking sweeet!!

can u imagine she started the band at the age of 13!? insane.. and god is her voice so so nice :D:D but i think she's like.. 17 now.. pretty young band thats already come so far..

after a year of touring they've finally come out with their latest album Riot!
the one here was their first one, "All we Know" speaking of which... why not watch the video?

she kinda looks like Jo Jo in this one =.="

haha anyways... this is their new album..
if you have time.. you should check out their acoustic covers in youtube... awesome stuff..

so thats pretty much it..
Crash's album pick of the month! Riot! get it!



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