Friday, October 26, 2007

Transmitting from Liverpool.. (Part 1)

hey hey!!!

sorry guys it took me so damn long to start writing about what's been going on here. PuPu i know i couldn't be back there to gasak all your raya food and what not but i'll like.. do it next year or something.. muahahaha.. and as for my other fellow brothers Chan don't worry i can still foos here, just that i gotta take a fucking train to manchester to play.. (45 mins oni!! like going from ss2 to klia just to play foos). Darren said that he's played with the father of the World's Number 2 foosballer.. omfg right.. his dad's apparently pretty good himself.. more news on that later..

Here's what happened last weekend, it was Lyn's birthday and Darren and Pony decided to come down to celebrate her birthday and also see the sights and sounds of the place. Audrey, Lyn's good buddy from Uni back in HELP also decided to travel all the way down from Wales to see the place too... so here's what went down..

basically, liverpool's pretty much a cool place to hang out, lotsa greenery, pubs, shopping malls etc. this is the city center..

Crap.. knew i should had taken more pics,but this is just a lil preview of what the place looks like.. something like an outdoor Midvalley.. haha..

see that grafitti there? damn chat big right? its one of the many artworks done by the and only Banksy, the rest of the Project should know who he is.. if not.. go fckin wikipedia his ass!

guess who these gentlemen are?

i bet u guys are quite eager to know where my place is and how it looks like, well.. i guess i can give u a taste of what it looks like as well, from the shots that i showed you, its about a 10 min walk from there, past chinatown (which pics i will show next time) up a hill turn right AAANNDDDDD.......


the Liverpool Cathedral, the BIGGEST cathedral in all of Great Britain . . . . and i stay on the 7th floor.. sigh.. no lifts.. so gotta take the stairs.. haha just kidding i stay next to it. Its no fun staying next to this Cathedral i'll tell you that first, cause every single Sunday morning around 9am, the church bells will start ringing, and not only do they just ring the bell, THEY PLAY MUSIC WEIHHHHHH!!! like a whole song.. talk about an alarm clock.. geeez..

Heres another shot of the Cathedral..

Here's us going back to my place..

Oh btw, the bloke on my right's Rob, my housemate..

Here's us fooling about in front of the place i stay with an awesome background..


This is the front door of my place, erm.. the window on the first floor's my room (i'll get pics for that another time.. its in a bit of a mess.. haha.. ) and the room on my right's the kitchen..

Here's me going Jackie Chan on Pony's ass..

oh yeah, we found this street name to be abit amusing so we just decided to screw around..


yeah i know its not CANING but what the hell..

Alright, so thats pretty much what happened in the day, but came nightfall and its a whole different fun out in store for us. We decided to go clubbing (which is only down the road from wwhere i live... hmmmm convenient.. haha) Sarge kao kao!!! but no time for that though.. cos the place we went to was an indie club.. Here's the pics..

Thats Ben on the left, fellow Liverpool kaki, from Johor.. haha..
Here's Lukey Luke, an anti jeans wearing tech expert which looks to be high...

Thats Mahssa on the right there, another one of my housemates.. GO HOUSE 23!!

See, this is why my girlfriend would make a very bad cigarette model..

and erm.. this is the girls apparently posing to look thirsty i think.. and once again.. my girlfriend... aih.. fail la.. haha

House 23!! (and one girl from House 19 -_-")

haha kacau!!

dunno what to say la.. haha.. talk about taking advantage..

bastard Ben pushed me off the bench!!!

YEAP.. that was pretty much it for clubbing that night.. everyone went home feeling all tired and whatnot.. we started to feel guilty so we decided to repent the next day.. so where did we go? CHURCH!!

This is the front door..

If u thought that the outside was big, its nothing compared to what it is inside, practically two football stadiums joined together!

The architecture of this place was just amazing, it took nearly 100 years to build it too, seeing that it stopped awhile during the 2nd World War..

GOSH!! imagine they had such a statute like this!!! IN CHURCH!!


Heres the rest of our tour on the way up to the Cathedrals' tower..

There it iS!!! THOSE bells right there are the reason i can't sleep thru my Sunday morningS!!!!

The light at the end of the tunnel..

See that right there!! thats where i live!! i can see my house from up here..

In the eyes of Superman..

Alot of posing taking place outside the Cathedral

Alright that was pretty much what happened so far, i still have pics from the Albert Dock and also in Anfield and a couple from Old Trafford. But i'll transmit them soon.. its like nearly 4am now and i've gotta go for a job interview later on in the day. Lookout for Part 2 coming soon!!!

~Crash signing out~~


rory said...

I simply LOVED the post. and I can't believe that your girlfriend is there WITH YOU. in the same place and perhaps not surprisingly same class. lucky butch you. if only I were THAT fortunate.

take care crasher ;)

rory said...
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