Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pupu @ Singapore

chiqas and dudes^~ * sorry 4 the delay of this post! =)
kinda got my internet connection out of transmission these days*
anyways. these are some great pictures i want to share with you guys out there .
enjoy and do drop some comments aite!

welcome 2 singapore!

Pictures of Bishan Community Library

bicycle for male n female?

sounds fun*

check out the lighting for the parking lot!

esp lanade@ singapore - durian of singapore ^.^

another cool library !

bump in2 this building * lasalle art college. wait till u see the interior*

the interior

ahhaha. check out this dude. still eating even the shop going to close =p

the trip was fun . remember, next time when u guys go down to singapore, dont just go for shopping, but also go and see their beautiful buildings and architecture !

- pupu -

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